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File: 1569947025168.jpg–(177.87KB, 1000x1100, 1564079128929.jpg)
Incest is a victimless crime, same as bestiality and watching child porn.

All three should be legal.

>b-but children with defects
Ban alcohol and late birth then.
>b-but animals can't consent
They can, just not on human level. And I don't remember you asking your dog if you can keep him as a pet.
>b-but chilluns get raped for child porn
Most of cp are photos of naked kids that harm nobody to be made. ISIS execution videos also have children hurt in the process, but I don't see you trying to ban those.

Stop being facetious and pretending that it's about somebody's rights when you're simply making up excuses to ban stuff that makes you "ewww".

t.kosovar who regularly fucks dogs and have rape fetish
¨ No.88
dogfucker lol

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